Picture books, And the effect they have had on me. (Crr)


Picture books are important in the development of a child. They were important in my development also. A few of my favorite picture books were all the places you will go, the cat in the hat, and there’s a wocket in my pocket. as you can see I was a big dr. suess fan, still am in a way! I’m going to share to you why I loved these books and the impact they had on my life. 

First book I want to tell you about is there’s a wocket in my pocket. There was never really any meaning in that book for me, it was pretty much just a lot of fun. I like how dr. suess rhymed all the strange words together and put them in random places. when i was little that was actually pretty entertaining. I Used to just read this book to myself sometimes I would read it to my parents. I started really reading this book in about 3rd grade. I used to read it to my dad over the phone to my mom in the car etc…. I can’t say that book had a real big effect on my life. It possibly could have boosted my reading skills down a little when I was still a bad reader, that’s all I can think of. Let’s move onto my 2nd favorite picture book, the cat in the hat!

My second favorite book the cat in the hat was real interesting. (In case you don’t know) the cat in the hat is about a talking cat who wears a big red hat and invades on these too kids’ lives, they have a bunch of fun, then the cat goes too far and wrecks the house. he soon comes back, and cleans it all up, leaving everyone happy and relieved as there mom comes home to a clean house. I’m not quite sure exactly what the morale of the story is. It could be a variety of many things. It may have something to do with trust. How they were sure they were in trouble because of the cat, then he came back and cleaned everything up. This book has kind of stuck with me my whole life, my mom used to read it to me when I was little and just read it to myself from then I still read it a little here and there. The effect this book had on my life was just something to look back to when times weren’t too well. Sometimes when I was sad I would just read this book and it cheered me up a little bit. The feeling it brought back of all my memories packed into that one book. It just saved my sanity a few times here and there.

My favorite picture book, oh all the places you will go. Is a great book, my mom read it to me when I was little and it got me thinking? Where will I go when I grow up? I was 4 then. And here I am now 13 years old and still thinking about what I’ll do when am older. The morale of that story was you can be successful in life. But you can also fail miserably. For example, this one man i know used to be a postal worker. He had a pretty decent life, and made pretty decent money. But then he fell onto drugs. His life crashed. Now he is a bum on the streets collecting a disability check of 500$ once a month. So that proves you can get far in life, but you can also hit rock bottom. My parents used to read me this book when I was 4. Then my language teacher read it to our class in 6th and 7th grade, and maybe once here, or there I read it to myself.

Well that wraps up my story on picture books. My favorite ones, oh the places you will go, the cat in the hat, and there’s a wocket in my pocket. All by dr. suess! One of the most creative minds of our time. Now that you’ve seen my story on picture books. I’d love to read yours! I hope you enjoyed my article this is the first of many blog posts I’ll probably make! hope you enjoyed reading, and thank you for taking the time to view this post!    https://isaiahirwin.wordpress.com/