To find the truth (FC)

For years now I’ve always wondered what the truth was. It was this need I had inside, to know what was going on. I’ve always had this feeling. The urge to know more, to know my purpose here on earth. It’s always been there, ever since I could remember. I want to share with you all my quest for the truth.

When I was small I always needed to know what was going on. It was just a habit, I HAD TO KNOW what exactly was happening and I always questioned a lot of things. Well when I was 8 years old I had the perfect opportunity for knowing and questioning when the 2008 election rolled around. Now I have to admit when I was 8 my logic was pretty simple, I mean come on nobody can really understand current events and politics when there 8! So my dad just explained it to me the best he could. Now naturally my dad being conservative he was 100% against Obama, so I was too. I constantly talked about the election saying how McCain needed, Obama would raise our taxes, etc. Even years after the election I was always saying to my third and fourth grade teacher’s about how Obama would raise the taxes. (which he has done on several occasions) I remember my teachers would get tired of hearing me make my statements that Obama was a bad president. After fourth I finished fourth grade I went into fifth grade. During most of 5th grade I kind of ignored politics. I always got interested when I heard the news about the rebellion in Libya.  but never interested in it enough to look on the news myself. Well one day that all ended when I started hearing about the earthquake in Japan in 2010-2011  I had to know more! so I switched on my radio and found Micheal Savage and his radio show the Savage Nation. From that day on my life changed! I started listening to conservative talk radio all the time. I started listening to Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Micheal Savage, and others. I went through 5th, 6th, and 7th grade listening to conservative talk radio. I’ve had debates with my step dad about politics (sometimes won, sometimes lost). As I went through politics I knew I had to keep looking to find the truth.

So I kept going, I got interested in religion and normally coming from a Christian background I went with that first, but it didn’t last long because I wanted to find more. I got myself a Qur’an (Muslim bible) and the book of latter day saints (Mormon bible). I have to admit, I never touched the book of latter say saints, but I read a little bit of the Qur’an. I gave up fast on that, to be honest I don’t like the Qur’an so I just don’t agree with the stuff in the book. So I just went back to the bible. I found this book called The Purpose Driven Life. It was a book to find God in 40 days. I read that book and found God in my life. After that I searched through the internet and I found out meditation, the art of connecting with your inner self. Right now my goal has been to connect with myself spiritually, and to connect with Jesus Christ more and involve him into my life.

That has been my journey to find the truth so far. Right now my goals are set on Improving myself spiritually. This may take a few years but im ready for it. After im done with this step in my life what could be next? will I improve myself spiritually even more? I’m out of idea’s but im sure in the future my next step will come to me.

Links to my two favorite radio host’s  Mark Levin:

Micheal Savage:
purpose driven life


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