The Name “redskins” Is not Offensive And Should Not Be Removed (CRR)

I believe that the name “Redskins” is not offensive. If it was what people voted for the name of the team to be LET THEM KEEP IT! “Redskins” has been the name for the Washington’s team for years! Since 1937 the name for Washington D.C has been the Redskins.

The name redskins were originally meant to honor the dead Native American coach William Henry Dietz. Talk about offensive! Imagine if you were the average Native American living in Washington D.C you take pride in your team, and the culture behind it you’re cheering on your team with great pride, then all of a sudden some people go on T.V and complain about the redskins name. You and your former tribe are all okay with the name; you even take pride in it. But 10% of native Americans don’t want the name, Why is it fair for the 10% to get what they want and the other 90% to just be left out and unhappy.

I don’t know what you call it, but I call it unfair, and unjust. I just don’t like the idea of taking away what over 300,000 take pride in, just so some small minorities’ can feel a little bit better. well guess what, all you people out there who sit and cry about a name for a football team that has been there longer than you’ve been alive, created to honor a dead Native American coach. All you people who want to change it are so focused on trying to create a political correct society that your too busy ruining it for everyone else. Why don’t you all focus on trying to build schools in Detroit where conditions are bad and African Americans are living like there in a 3rd world country. You could make conditions better there instead of trying to make it worse for everyone who is already have problems to deal with.

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