My favorite Movie (PB)

For this blog I would like to share with you My favorite Movie! I have watched and loved so many different movies in my life ever since I was a little kid, up till now, where I watch movies I would have never been able to watch and understand. I’ve watched so many movies I can barely even count them. Lucky for you I’m only going to share one movie (my favorite movie, and why I really liked it compared to other movies.

The  movie I’m going to tell you about is a movie I watched called Taken. Taken was a movie about a spy who worked for the Government who’s daughter gets kidnapped, and sold into human trafficking. The father has to travel across France following clues to get his daughter back, on the way he gets revenge on the people who kidnapped her. (usually in gruesome ways). The main reason I liked this movie was because it was about a retired government  spy who uses major clues and skills from his old career to track down his daughter . It is exiting with action, and a major amount of violence. I also love the reality that was put into the movie, and how they set up there own Albanian gang. They also set it up with certain government workers in France who help the gang in order to collect money for themselves. I also like how the main character in the movie had the luck he did. he was handcuffed to a pipe in one scene but when no one was looking he managed to escape by busting the pipe off the ceiling due the age of the ceiling and how weak it was for it to be holding onto a pipe like it was. And I loved how at the end there was a major battle scene. During the scene the main character jumps onto a yacht and sneaks around taking out guards while he’s at it. I don’t want to tell you much more about the movie but I hope you get the idea.

I described that movie to tell you what kind of movie’s I like and that was a perfect example. It had everything I need action, violence, a skilled protagonist, and luck. Those 4 things make up the perfect movie to me.

For more information about the movie please visit this link-

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5 thoughts on “My favorite Movie (PB)

  1. Great blog post, I love how you put all of the personal information with what you like in movies. Also with the details and your vocabulary is amazing. Keep up the good work.

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